Cóndor, since 1898 manufacturing socks and tights for boys and girls

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  • Sport socks for our 125th anniversary

    Join us in celebrating 125 years of tradition and style with the exclusive limited edition sport socks from Cóndor! The vibrant and colorful design that adorns these socks is much more than a simple pattern: it is a tribute to the legacy of Cóndor that has endured for over a century. Each thread tells a story of dedication and excellence in the manufacturing of garments that stand out for their unparalleled quality. Celebrate history, fashion, and comfort with the 125th-anniversary socks from Cóndor! Available for a limited time, they are the perfect choice for those who appreciate timeless quality and want to be part of a lasting tradition. Available for boys and girls from 2 years old to sizes for dad and mom.

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